Already before the official founding of the CAPS in 2013, several CAPS partners have worked together on different projects. Below you can find these ‘preCAPS’ projects to illustrate our expertise.

Partners Opdrachtgevers
Kennisoverzicht populatie-ontwikkeling Wilde Eend, krakeend, Kuifeend en Tafeleend in Nederland en omliggende landen

Sovon, Vogeltrekstation

Ministerie van Economische Zaken, BIJ12

Integrated monitoring of birds of the Dutch Wadden Sea

Vogeltrekstation, Sovon, Vogelbescherming Nederland

Vogelbescherming Nederland

Explaining the decline of the Dutch Northern Wheatear population

IWWR-RUN, Sovon, Stichting Bargerveen

Vogelbescherming Nederland

Towards an early warning system for the protection of birds

IWWR-RUN, Sovon, Vogeltrekstation, Vogelbescherming

Open Programma NWO, Vogelbescherming Nederland