Light on Nature

As in all densely populated areas, nocturnal illumination is gradually increasing in the Netherlands. To gain more knowledge about the impact of artificial light in the Netherlands, we started the project ‘Impact of artificial light on flora and fauna in The Netherlands’. At several locations in the Netherlands, natural habitat is experimentally illuminated, and the presence of many species and species groups is carefully monitored. In separate studies, the impact of light on birds and moths is studied in more detail. The knowledge collected in this project will contribute to effective application of nature-friendly lighting and the avoidance of nocturnal lighting in case sensitive species are present.


NIOO-KNAW, Sovon, Vogeltrekstation, WUR, Vlinderstichting, Zoogdiervereniging, FLORON, RAVON

Financed by: 

STW-NWO, Philips, NAM


Camiel Spoelstra